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Daphnis and Chloe

Wild Thyme Flowers Glass Jar

Wild Thyme Flowers Glass Jar

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Thymus capitatus is the thyme variety that populates the rocky coastlines of Greece. If you've ever savoured the air on an island during springtime, you will remember the botanical scent of its blossoms. From this type of thyme, bees collect nectar for the most prized Greek honey.

Use a mortar and pestle or crumble with your fingers. You will need a couple of blossoms per portion. Strong, floral, herbaceous and tingling, this thyme is best friends with lemon, garlic and olive oil, a combination capable of taking plain roasted potatoes to another level. Ideal for brining chicken, marinating lamb and pickling vegetables. You can also crumble a couple of thyme blossoms in your herbal infusions: they get along well with peppermint and they have digestive, antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

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