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Leila Provisions

Leila Butcher's Blend

Leila Butcher's Blend

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Full, rich, spicy with curry notes,  Butcher’s Blends are used when when searing, smoking, stuffing, or blending with any meat, fish or protein, nutty vegetables or nuts.  Careful: highly addictive.

Butcher's Blend is unlike any butchers seasoning you have ever had or will have in your life and int's the only one you need to have moving forward. In fact, if you have a steak seasoning or blend that you love dearly you may not want to try Butcher's Blend because it is a so f-ing good it will break your heart and make you forget any butchers blend you have ever tasted before or since. This seasoning, with its round, rich and subtly curry flavor, will change the way you think of cuts of meat forever.  Make sure you choose wisely before using this product. Once you try it, you'll never go back.
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